Save Engine Common and the rest of Iron Acton!

South Glos Council along with three other Authorities (Bath and North East Somerset Council, Bristol City Council, North Somerset Council) have joined forces to prepare the Joint Spatial Plan (JSP).

The outcome is that, after years of fighting to protect Engine Common from development, South Glos Council are now proposing the land should be allocated for housing.

Not only is Engine Common now under threat again but the Green belt land to the West of it, and land leading up to Nibley has also been earmarked for housing and development.

In between now and 2036 the plan is to build 1,000 houses in the Parish of Iron Acton and around Nibley – please see area of map ringed in red.

Much of this land is held by private land owners and where necessary Compulsory Purchase Orders will be used to forcibly remove the paddocks and pastures from their owners.

SGC generally referred to this area as, “Land North West Yate” which doesn’t identify it clearly.

A Concept map was provided but was virtually indecipherable so certainly not informative

The JSP, once approved will be the final say to where development takes places and the South Glos Local Plan (SGLP) that will follow will only fill in the details.

SGC We won’t reopen and repeat matters that have been addressed through the JSP.

If you would like to remain living in a rural environment, not spend your life in a traffic jams and not wonder where millions of gallons of surface rain water will end up during a wet winter (because it won’t be troubling the new elevated houses) then let SGC know your feelings for this plan.

How to comment on the Joint Spatial Plan

The Draft SA will be published for consultation alongside the Publication Version from

22nd November 2017 to 10th January 2018.

If you have comments, please send these to:

West of England Joint Planning Consultation
c/o South Gloucestershire Council
PO Box 299
Corporate Research and Consultation Team
Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood
BS15 0DR

Email: comment@jointplanningwofe.org.uk