March 2017: Sydney Freed have now submitted a Planning Application to build 90+ houses, three self build properties and two small football pitches on a proposed development being called Engine Common (land between North Road, Mission Road and Dyers Lane).

The proposal includes, raising the land in places by 1.6 metres (over 5 ft) which will totally change the feel and character of the area, particularly as some of the proposed houses will be built on the elevated area.

Access to the 90+ houses will be next to The Codrington Pub on North Road.  Once the congestion at the road junction near The Fox pub builds up, Mission Road and Dyers Lane will be the alternative rat-run for rushing motorists in addition to the additional traffic on North Road.

Drainage for the East side of the site containing the 90+ houses will drain down to North Road to an already struggling waste water system, this could potentially cause huge problems for people living on North Road.

The West side of the site (self build properties and football pitches) will flow into an already full and struggling ditch network at up to 67 gallons a minute causing a massive problem for people along Dyers Lane.

The link to the planning application can be found below and site plan are attached:


I am going to request that this issue is discussed at the next Parish Meeting on Monday 20th March, please attend to show you support.  As we’ve said before bigger numbers shows the true feeling of local residents.

I will also contact Luke Hall again as he has agreed to support us regarding fighting this application.

**We must all respond to the application by the Tuesday 28th March – please use the link above and select the “make a comment” tab**

Please tell your friends and neighbours, we need as many objections as possible.

October 2016: Sydney Freed (Holdings) is bringing forward plans for a proposed residential development within our community on land know as Engine Common. The 8.82 hectare site on the western edge of the village is currently open green fields, used for either farming, keeping horses and other animals, not to mention the natural habitat for wildlife and a number of wild animals including deer. 

This latest proposal outlines a housing development plan (both private and social housing) with the potential for up to 90 homes, to include flats and houses. The proposal also includes a landscape-led scheme to include public open space currently outlined for junior football pitches, a woodland walk, allotments and play areas for children.

Sydney Freed have held two public consultation sessions at Yate Town Football Club on 5th and 8th October 2016.

Feedback on the proposals, prior to a formal planning application, must be submitted by MIDNIGHT on 14th October 2016.  Please have your say on the proposal using the following link: www.enginecommonresidential.co.uk – click on the ‘Consultation’ tab to complete the online survey.

On 8th April 2013 common sense shone through as the Government Inspector over-seeing the Planning Application at Engine Common came to the conclusion that the proposed development would simply be too harmful to the area to allow it to proceed. I would like to thank all of you for your time, trouble and effort. After pulling together as a community we were able to show how passionate we are about our rural lifestyle and how special Engine Common is, and this was noted by the Inspector.

It is possible that Bloor could go to the High Court to try and get the Inspectors decision over-turned, when you consider Paul Crysell (the Government Inspector dealing with the Core Strategy) stated he wanted additional houses but stipulated that his preferred site was at Thornbury then the Courts would be in conflict with two Inspectors if they over ruled the refusal of this application.

This is obviously great news but I do have a sneaking suspicion that it’s not over yet.

I would also like to thank Patrick Conroy, Sarah Tucker and Howard Gawler for the hours of work they have put in to fight off Bloor and WYG.

9th February 2013: The Planning Application regarding Engine Common was rejected by South Glos Council in December 2012, this decision was then presented to the Planning Committee who, with a massive majority, agreed with South Glos Council that the whole Plan is flawed and inappropriate.

This however, is not the end.  WYG Planning have appealed against the decision and it all now rests in the hands of a Government Inspector.  The housing shortage appears to be a green light for planning applications to be passed where previously they would have been rejected without doubt.  The hearing commences at 10.00 am, March 5th at the Ship Inn, Thornbury Road, Alveston, Bristol, BS35 3LL and is expected to run for five days.  We could not only lose Engine Common, but any green space with a planning application if the Government ignores the views of local people and their local council.

1st August 2012: A Planning Application was submitted and available on South Glos Councils’ website (PK12/1751/F). If this application is forced through Engine Common will be lost to over 200 houses and 1000′s of square metres of offices and industrial units.  Please make yourselves heard and object to this application, no amount of improvement to the Football Club can warrant loosing such a huge rural area of Iron Acton.

26th March 2011: Steve Webb MP joined concerned locals & supporters of this campaign in coming together to demonstrate their objections to the developers plans (26/03/11).  The campaign hits the headlines in the latest Focus magazine & The Bristol Evening Post will be publishing an article on the campaign.

6th March 2011: The developers have appealed against the Council’s decision to oppose the development.  So we STILL need your help to prevent this disaster.

Please sign our online Petition to show your support to save Engine Common & the Parish of Iron Acton from becoming another mass housing estate.

If you are willing to offer additional support through positive action or you like to be kept up to date, please use the Contact Us page so we can contact you.

We intend to present the Petition to the Council to aid them in resisting the latest appeal from the developers.

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Thank you for your time and support.