Meeting schedules

The Parish Council usually meet on the third Monday of each month, except August. Meetings are held on a rotational basis between the Marshall Rooms in the High Street, North Road School Hall and the Parish Hall, Iron Acton. All meetings commence at 7.30pm and parishioners are welcome to attend to raise any matters of concern under Public Participation at the beginning of each meeting.

Agendas for forthcoming meetings are posted on the Notice Boards (located in the High Street and North Road) giving three clear days before the next meeting. An item may be added to forthcoming meeting agenda for formal decision. However, it is advisable to speak with one of your Parish Councillors, or the Clerk beforehand.  The best way to understand what is happening in your parish is to come along to Parish Council meetings.

Parish Council minutes are posted to the web site as expeditiously as possible following their approval.  This means that they will always be one month in arrears.  Parish Council minutes only become a legal document when they have been approved by the Councillors and signed by the Chairman.

Iron Acton Parish Council adopted the IOC Model Publication Scheme in connection with the Freedom of Information Act in December 2008.  Information available from Iron Acton Parish Council under this Scheme can be viewed here.  However, as always, all Parish Council documents are available for inspection personally by contacting the Clerk.  The Clerk can be contacted on (01454) 228029 or 07880 923 109 or via email on