The Council


The Engine Common area was not presented as a location that the Council considered appropriate for development within the plan period (up to 2026). However, developers are continuing to argue that this location is appropriate and have raised objections.

So, if the Council Planners are against this development why is this website necessary? Because it isn’t over yet.

Consultation on the Pre-Submission Publication Draft Core Strategy ended on Friday 6th August 2010.

The Council must now decide what changes to the Draft Core Strategy are required as a result of the received representations. The Council will consider the changes to the Core Strategy and its response to representations at the Cabinet meeting on 13th December 2010 and the Full Council meeting on 15th December 2010.  The Core Strategy will be submitted for independent examination in Spring 2011.

The “have your say” ended on the 6th August 2010 (the same day many people submitted proposals, which makes it tricky to comment on them).

Many local people have no idea the Council are faced with this proposal from WYG Planning or the fact that the opportunity to comment has now ended.

An independent examination could over-rule the Council, if people want to keep the Parish of Iron Acton and Engine Common rural then they need to ACT NOW.

You can still show your support for the Councils decision to protect Engine Common by contacting them,
or telephone 01454 863469.

Also, please sign our on-line petition, if a show of support is evident before it is required it represents the true strength of feeling behind the issue.